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Sean L Harrington


I am an experienced digital forensics examiner with expertise in corporate fraud, labor disputes, domestic relations, child pornography investigations (including protocols under the Adam Walsh Act), the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, electronic discovery, the work product doctrine, and the attorney client privilege. My experience is derived from the disciplines of law, information technology, software engineering, regulatory compliance, risk management, and information security.  I am qualified to serve as an expert witness and court-appointed third-party neutral.  I have extensive experience in litigation support, including electronic discovery, the Rules of Evidence, the Rules of Civil Procedure, motions practice, pre-trial practice, and appellate practice.[1] 
I maintain professional credentials and certifications in the areas of digital forensics (CHFI No. ECC930566, CCFP No. 335034), information security (CISSP No. 335034), regulatory compliance (CSOXP No. 00185), and network engineering MCSE, MCP+i, No. 977426). I am licensed by the Texas Private Security Board to practice digital forensics.

Sean's Curriculum Vitae

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24 Mar 2015        Protecting Your Client’s Data: Ethical Obligations and Practical Tips (Minnesota CLE Family Law Institute 2015)

03 Mar 2015        Electronic Spying and Tracking Spouses in Divorce Cases: What's Legal in the Digital World? (Strafford Pub. CLE)

13 Jan 2015        The NIST Cyber Security Framework: Implications for Your Clients (Minnesota State Bar Ass’n Computer & Technology Section CLE)

06 Jan 2015        Retaliatory Hacking (a/k/a active defense and “hack back”), Winter 2015 Mid Pacific ICT Educator Conference, San Francisco

20 Aug 2014        Electronic Spying and Tracking Spouses in Divorce Cases: What's Legal in the Digital World? (Strafford Pub. CLE)

14 May 2014        “Hack Back or Active Defense?” (Secure360 conference)

01 May 2014:       Hack Back”: Legitimate Corporate Security or Risky Business? (U.S. Cyber Crime Conference)

06 Feb 2014        (ISC)²® CFCPSM CBK® Training Preview (LegalTech New York)

12 Nov 2013        “Hacking Back”: Legitimate Corporate Security or Risky Business? (Minnesota State Bar Ass’n Computer & Technology Law Section, CLE event code #185249)

04 Oct 2013         eDiscovery Conference & Symposium (William Mitchell School of Law)

18 Jun 2013        Minnesota e-Discovery Working Group presentation (2013 Minnesota State Bar Ass’n Annual Convention, Duluth, MN)

20 Dec 2012        "Employee-owned Devices in the workplace: Legal & Technological Risks" (Ramsey County Bar Ass’n)

28 Jun 2012        "Employee-owned Devices in the workplace: Legal & Technological Risks" (Ramsey County Bar Ass’n)

13 Mar 2012        "Trends in Employee-owned Devices in the workplace: Legal & Technological Risks" (Minnesota State Bar Ass’n Computer & Technology Law Section, CLE event code #165766)

08 Nov 2011        Corporate and Individual Liabilities of Releasing Vulnerable Code,” (Minnesota State Bar Ass’n Computer & Tech­­nology Law Section, CLE event code #161305)

27 Sep 2011        The Legal and Financial Consequences of Releasing Vulnerable Software  (Minneapolis Fortify User Group Con­­ference)



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[1] I am licensed to practice law in the state of California. For any other jurisdiction, all services provided that are "legal" in character are available only to and under the direct supervision of attorneys licensed to practice in the jurisdiction where the work is to be performed.  Further, no attorney-client relationship for California matters shall be formed without a Retainer Agreement expressly providing therefor.

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